How hypnotherapy can help you…

Hypnotherapy for addiction, London, weight loss gastric band and anxiety, Cornwall

Discover hypnotherapy in London and Cornwall – the safe and easy way to make rapid changes

So, I expect the real question on your mind is: “Can hypnotherapy help me?”  

Depending on your issue and your desire to change, and the quality of your chosen therapist, the answer is frequently “Yes”.

Even for addictions, stress, long-held anxieties and serious trauma.

What’s important to you?


Clients describe me as an experienced, understanding, non-judgemental, effective therapist; who seeks to get to the root cause of your problem quickly, in order to get you the best result as soon as possible.

Crucially, you don’t have to tell me personal, upsetting or embarrassing details. Reliving the memory is far from helpful and may be detrimental and slows your progress; so long as you can bring it into mind, we can work ‘content free’, sparing you the worst of the experience.

How long will my therapy take?

Naturally, you want safe, rapid and long-lasting relief.

My modern clinical hypnosis is powerful, yet relaxing and fast working. This means you typically need fewer sessions to get your result, (typically 4-8) which saves you time, money and extra travel hassle, as well as experiencing, feeling and enjoying that wanted improvement sooner.

But I have more than one issue – what can you do?

I treat ONE issue at a time. Although some of my clients have reported a ‘domino effect’; where a shift or improvement in one area of their life, impacts on other areas and leads to general increases in wellbeing and attitude. In short, you get more out of life.

As a general hypnotherapist, I can work with many issues and problems. In addition, I specialise in three areas:

ANXIETY, ADDICTION, and WEIGHT LOSS; and guide you quickly and safely to:

  • Control your anxiety, fears, exam nerves, phobias, stress, trauma (including PTSD) and anger – whilst boosting your self-esteem
  • Beat your addictions and habitsgambling, alcohol, stop smoking, food, drugs, sex, internet, hoarding and negative thoughts
  • Lose weight; including rapid Gastric Band Hypnotherapy FITTED IN ONE DAY for sustained weight loss so you look and feel great, aiding your healthand boosting your confidence

I operate out of a private, Care Quality Commission (CQC) approved medical clinic off Harley Street, in Marylebone, central London (nearest tubes: Edgware Road and Marylebone). I also hold surgeries at practices serving Plymouth, Devon and Penzance, West Cornwall.

I also work nationally and internationally, for executive clients. If you’ve received a word-of-mouth recommendation to seek my services and you’re a great distance away, I also offer sessions by skype, depending on the issue. Please ask beforehand, to check if your issue is suitable for distance therapy.

I carry full insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London; my training is up-to-date and fully accredited by the most respected professional regulatory bodies and I am CRB Enhanced checked (now Disclosure and Barring Service) for your complete reassurance.

Call my office now on 01736 279007 to arrange your complimentary, no obligation 15-minute teleconsulation (value £50)

As for how soon you may begin to feel the benefits, my clients’ words convince far more than I ever could:

“I have been struggling with something deeply personal for a good number of years now, since the death of my mum, which led to destructive behaviour. Mark has helped me gain control again and I am extremely grateful to him.” C. K., aged 31, Maidstone, (2014)

“In the week since my first session for depression, I have already enjoyed more ‘good’ days than I used to get in a year on anti-depressants.” P.J., aged 37, London, (2014)

This guy seriously helped me with something that was very upsetting, very emotional. It was all at once holding me back and motivating me in the wrong way. In a very quick, logical and woo-free session, he helped me. If you have one of those ‘things’ you’re aware of and keep thinking you need to resolve but never get round to it, speak to Mark. He fixes people.” S. B., aged 35, Bristol (2014)

“Since you stopped me binge drinking, where previously I would go on three and four day ‘benders’, I now dispel those thoughts with ease and we are now going to have a very happy family Christmas – and it’s all thanks to you.” I. F., aged 64, Plymouth (2015)

There is no need to be nervous about hypnosis – I’m simply and skilfully guiding your imagination until it becomes your new reality.

Change need not take months or years. Read what another delighted client has to say…

Mark Gosbee, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist Kent, Hypnotist, gastric band weight loss hypnotherapy, anxiety, public speaking, addiction, PTSD and sports performance spec

Mark Gosbee, NLP Master Practitioner, Kent, Hypnotist, gastric band weight loss hypnotherapy, anxiety, public speaking, addiction, PTSD and sports performance specialist

Mark treated me successfully for a deeply personal and embarrassing problem I’d had for 23 years, that could have landed me in a lot of trouble. His approach was respectful at all times and I recommend him to anyone who thinks they can’t change. I’m proof you can.” 

G. R., aged 48, Dover, Kent


Registered with Hypnotherapy Directory

It is important that you feel safe and relaxed in my care, as your practitioner. For that reason, my training is accredited by the following respected authorities:

  • Master Clinical Hypnotist, trained at the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) accredited Cressingham Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Valid CRB Enhanced checked (for working with children, the vulnerable and your complete peace of mind) from new DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service), Oct 2013.
  • Tutor at Cressingham Training, teaching Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and extensive CBT coaching, Life coaching, Gestalt therapy, Psychological coaching and Business coaching programmes.
  • UK Government IOEE accredited business mentor.
  • NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner – NLPA and British Institute of Hypnotherapy accredited.
  • NLP for Leadership – INLPTA accredited.
  • Studied Applied Neuroscience under Professor of Applied Neuroscience, chartered scientist and psychologist, for latest, safe techniques.
  • Accredited EMDR Accelerated practitioner for serious trauma and PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder).

Why choose to work with me to achieve that success, result or change you eagerly desire?

I ask my clients and patients why they decided to work with me. There was no one thing; rather, a combination of factors including:

  • My open, friendly and non-jargon approach, immediately putting them at ease
  • My non-judgemental approach and that they were treated professionally, sympathetically and confidentially
  • My qualifications, from leading General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) approved training providers (see below for list)
  • My academic background, which meant they trusted themselves in my care
  • My personal integrity, stemming from the fact I only take on cases I believe I can deliver a great result for the client
  • Referrals and recommendations received via previous delighted clients

I am only as good as my next client or patient and invest heavily in continual professional development aimed squarely at delivering the best possible outcome for you. This is my day job. I live for it. It’s who I am. It’s what I do.

If I sounds like the kind of person you want to help you make that change, plan for that success or deliver that result; call me now to arrange your free 20-minute tele-consultation to decide I am best for you, on 01736 279007

My practices are located in central London, Plymouth and Penzance, West Cornwall

Principal Practice:


Healing Heart Hypnotherapy
The Livingwell Centre


West End Medical Practice
6 Bendall Mews
Bell Street


On application. PL1


All information correct at time of printing. Services subject to change. E&OE. Copyright Mark Gosbee, 2017.




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NLP and Clinical Hypnotist; hypnotherapist trainer; sales consultancy; focus on fearless public speaking; weight loss including hypnotic gastric band/balloon; happiness coach; anxiety, stress management and anger management; Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); addiction; obsessive habits; sports performance psychology. UK based. London, Bristol and Somerset. International motivational speaker.