Runaway thoughts about food – NLP and hypnotherapy perspectives for weight loss

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When using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy for weight loss, it is less the portion control and calorie counting that many therapists STILL rely on and more quelling unhelpful thoughts.

Restrictive diets do not work – the major long term effect of dieting is weight gain. Huh? The ‘diet industry’ is a fifty-year old business model that relies on, wait for it…Yes, REPEAT BUSINESS. More specifically, YOUR repeat custom.

Moreover, this means that you, through all the trials, tribulations and tears; having dieted, sinned, dieted again, sinned some more and finally given up after reaching a so-called ‘target weight’, and slowly but inevitably pile those pounds back on, and more often than not with interest. Roll on the next diet, fad, gym membership or tropically-sourced superfood that aids weight loss.

And so the vicious cycle continues. NLP and hypnotherapy have some amazing tools to put you back in control. I’ve made the point before and it bears stating again to new readers that you didn’t need raspberry ketones, fancy teas or strange tinctures and concoctions to put on weight; ipso facto, why would you need them to shift that weight?


Much of my work as a weight loss consultant using NLP and hypnotherapy, together with sound, established nutritional advice, is you can control your reaction to food with your mind. The very sight of, or thought about food elicits and insulin response, which prevents the condition for fat-burning mode for your body.

If food cravings are your weakness, one thing you can do is make the food stimuli less appealing by doing the following:
1. When you see food and begin to get that ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘Must have’ sensation in you mouth, head or body, become aware of it.

2. Quickly close your eyes (if it is safe to do so i.e. not whilst driving, or waiting for a train, for example) and imagine the image of food you just saw that triggered the craving or hunger reflex.

3. Now, hold that image in your mind’s eye and slowly drain the colour from that picture, like turning down the colour to a dreary black and white on a television set.

4. Next, make your black and white picture in your mind’s eye fuzzy and indistinct, like getting poor reception.

5. Finally, notice what has happened to that feeling. It will have changed. Open your eyes and get on with your day, without that snack or impromptu food stop.

It’ll take pounds off you, whilst putting pounds in your pocket from all that money you’re no longer wasting on food that doesn’t make you happy for long.

If that little technique, drawn from NLP and hypnotherapy helps a little, you’d be an ideal candidate for hypnosis or NLP to give you back even more control over your eating and you life.

Remember – practise makes permanent.

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To your best life!

Mark Gosbee, MSc., Master Neuro-Linguist, Master Clinical Hypnotist, Dip. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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