Why exercise isn’t enough – NLP and hypnotherapy for weight loss

Any formal NLP or hypnotherapy session will commence with an intake protocol – a case history, if you like. When personal habits such as drinking, smoking and exercise are raised, the weight loss clients often insist they take the recommended amount of weekly exercise.

So what is going on? When contemplating a life with the blubber bouncing up and down when you climb stairs quickly, or aching knees when you’re walking, the thought of exercise can leave you reaching for the so-called comfort foods, as you put off losing weight for yet another season. You see, weight loss is a choice. Not the result of a single action. It is an ongoing programme. One is neither losing weight, nor dieting – one either loses weight or one doesn’t.

Your conscious mind will always try and keep you safe, prevent you from changing, although it didn’t seem to protest much when you were piling on the pounds, did it?

Well the good news is that exercise is NOT the most important factor when losing weight. Today’s tip for beginning weight loss is that the food you eat plays by far the dominant role. More particularly, with the hormone response of your body to food. Imagine me cutting a fresh juicy lemon in half right under your nose. You can hear the knife cutting through the thick skin, maybe feel the spray of the juice released touching your skin and smell that zesty odour. Mmm…

Now, just imagining smelling that lemon, filled with natural sugars is sufficient for your body to release a small amount of insulin. that’s right. Just thinking about carbohydrates – that’s how powerful your imagination is. Now apologies because by reading this, you won’t have set-up your body for fat-burning. For the next couple of hours, it is set-up for fat-storage.

Now, NLP and hypnotherapy can help you change your attitude to food, so you don’t find yourself obsessing about certain, carb-rich foods, craving them and finally succumbing to their empty promises of happiness. Emotional eating is 90% of your problem with weight and eating and exercising at the wrong time prevents you from setting your body up for fat-burning.

So, if the thought of hitting the bricks down at the gym (almost a complete waste of money for fat loss) or plodding down the pavements fills you with dread, ┬áthen fear it no more. You’re just going to lose water in the main, which you will replenish the next time you drink. Now you know exercise isn’t the key to fat loss, how much better do you feel now knowing it’s what and when you’re putting food in your mouth. And you control what goes into your mouth, don’t you? See, you’re in control.

That’s all for now.

Mark Gosbee (18 Posts)

NLP and Clinical Hypnotist; hypnotherapist trainer; sales consultancy; focus on fearless public speaking; weight loss including hypnotic gastric band/balloon; happiness coach; anxiety, stress management and anger management; Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); addiction; obsessive habits; sports performance psychology. UK based. London, Bristol and Somerset. International motivational speaker.