The way you make me feel – NLP and hypnotherapy for habit and addiction

The way you make me feel – NLP and hypnotherapy for habit and addiction

NLP, especially when delivered via hypnosis, to create a very potent hypnotherapy, is one of my tools of choice in dealing with habit and more often, addiction.

When the comedy genius (and I do not use that term either often or lightly), Robin Williams, took his life, I, for one, was not surprised when, counter to media assumptions, the coroner found no trace of either alcohol or drugs in his body.

The assumption had been that drink and drugs drives people to suicide. This generalisation is simply not true. It establishes a false causation between the act of drinking in despair placing the individual on the low road to suicide. In this case, the reverse was probably the case.

When Mr Williams took alcohol and drugs, he, like many, used it to change the way he felt. This sentiment is felt by all of us – when we eat that chocolate, go on that shopping splurge we can’t afford, place that bet, drink that lager or wine, or smoke that cigarette or cannabis joint or even snort cocaine, inhale crack or inject heroin, we are filling an unmet need in ourselves.

Something feels lacking and we want to fill it with something  -something we associate with a ‘hit’ of pleasure; a pick-me-up, if you like. We want to change the way we feel about the situation or circumstance we find ourselves in. And alike all addictions, we increasingly require more and more to achieve that hallowed, initial experience or ‘high’.

Now, NLP beaks experiences down into their constituent components, or modalities – what we see, hear, feel, touch, taste, smell and subdivisions thereof. Now if you associate the colour red with the warmth of drinking that wine, imagine what would happen if you changed that colour associated with the experience to another colour, say a yellow or brown.

What does the experience feel like now? Try it with anything, you’ll notice something has changed and along with it, the intensity of the feeling will be different because you’ve created a new neural pathway; you’ve created the beginning of a fresh choice – to decide how you want to feel about something, anything.

Because if NLP and hypnotherapy give you anything, it empowers you with the self-knowledge that you DO have a choice and your decisions are a direct reflection of the choices you’ve made, whether consciously or unconsciously. Creating a new choice; one that was already there but you hadn’t the knowledge to know it was there, and  you were stuck with the now unwanted behaviour.

The point here is NLP holds that you are not your behaviour. There was a time in your life when you didn’t smoke and chose to not smoke. Similarly with alcohol, drugs and binge eating. With carefully targeted NLP and hypnotherapy, you can create a new choice to do something else to fill that unmet need, instead of seeking to fill it with self-harming behaviour.

To your freedom to choose and your ability to make better quality choices!
From my desk, November 2014


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