Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

Fast easy Weight loss hypnotherapy nlp and clinical hypnosis gastric band London, Bristol, Taunton, Harley Street, hypnotherapist Mark Gosbee, UK

Fast, easy, sustained painless weight loss using gastric band hypnotherapy fitted in 1-day, in Kent and London

Weight loss hypnosis using NLP, hypnotherapy and clinical hypnotism can provide the missing ingredient that diets and even invasive surgery cannot provide – dealing with the crucial emotional eating habits, patterns and addictions.

Virtual gastric band weight loss can make you feel fuller on less, deal with emotional eating (there’s no such thing as comfort food – there’s scant comfort in the guilt that follows, is there?) and help you recognise when you are genuinely hungry. If sustained weight loss without the hunger is your goal, then you’ve come to the right place.

Other than for health reasons, people like you and me don’t want to lose weight as such – you want to look good in the mirror, win admiring glances when out and attract compliments from your friends and family. NLP, hypnotherapy and clinical hypnosis can teach you to like yourself once again and help shed those unwanted pounds without spending thousands on milk shakes, faddy teas and coffees, hormone patches, fat binding medications, liposuction and even invasive surgery.

The only long term effect of dieting is putting ON weight, it seems. The diet industry is 70 years old and yet, as a population, we are ever-expanding, with the self-esteem, self-image, bullying, fitness and health issues associated with carrying extra unwanted weight. Dieting, long-term doesn’t work and short -term, is hard work, not to mention faddy and creates new cravings because the body feels deprived.

Besides, where is the positive intent of permitting ‘sin’ foods or ‘sin days’ – these prevent you enjoying your food on default ‘saint’ days, as you count the hours to that pitiful slice of cheesecake or whatever. With NLP, hypnotherapy and clinical hypnosis, together with some hard facts about the food you eat, you can enjoy eating properly but only when you are genuinely hungry.

Calorie control is not the answer because what those calories contain is crucial to how your body burns fat, what type of fat gets burned, hormone levels that promote fat burning, feeling full and feeling hungry. It is a complex relationship and not easily sorted by calorie counting. And isn’t that just a little bit boring and prone to feeling guilty if you find yourself at a social event or a dinner date, for example.

NLP, hypnotherapy and clinical hypnosis can provide you with the control over emotional eating issues, binge eating and drinking, which caused you to put on weight in the first place. If you want to look your best, feel your best and discover the joys of eating properly, call me now on 07917 723 728 for that new you.

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