Fix that Phobia

Imagine your life free from erroneous beliefs that hinder you. NLP, hypnotherapy and clinical hypnosis offer powerful alternatives to psychological desensitisation treatment , which often does not work because the neurological panic has already set in before the symptoms appear.

How often have you said you would do x “if only…”

No matter what your extreme reaction to fear, you can gain control, so your life is not dictated, determined and damaged by it. How many overseas holidays have you delayed, postponed or not even contemplated because of a fear of flying? How many books haven’t you read your children because there’s a drawing of a creepy crawly in it? How does home delivery compare with the pleasure of shopping on the High Street, which you now avoid because of birds swarming around you?

NLP, hypnotherapy and clinical hypnosis, together with cognitive behavioural coaching can substitute appropriate concern instead of extreme fear. There is nothing wrong with being cautious of being bitten by a rabid dog in a foreign country – that is sensible. To cross the road to avoid or start to panic when walking by a well-behaved dog on a lead is an extreme reaction, which you can learn to control.

Just because you use NLP, hypnotherapy and clinical hypnosis to deal with your phobia or extreme fear, does not mean you will instantly want to go out and buy a creepy crawly or whatever used to be the object of your fear. You are removing your reaction to the thing, not making friends with it. I get asked this a great deal, so I’ll make this clear: there is no obligation to purchase a clown outfit, slithering reptile or take up parachuting lessons. Just saying…

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I run phobia clinics in Kent, London, Bristol and Taunton, using NLP, hypnotherapy, clinical hypnosis. Home visits available for absolute discretion. Additional fees apply for travel and time lost in practice.

Mark Gosbee (18 Posts)

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