Enhance Your Self-Esteem

How much do you think you are worth? As raw materials? As a person? As a unique contributor to humanity’s journey? NLP, clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you elevate your self-esteem, so the worth you place on yourself reflects the value society places on you. Recent estimates suggest society values you at as much as £20 Million. I am telling you, you are priceless.

Low self-esteem prevents you from charging what you are worth, wearing what you want and doing what you desire. Self-esteem prevents you from challenging yourself to perform better, to take risks in answering exam papers and to voice your concern in meetings or in public forums. It is nothing less than a prison sentence for your self.

NLP and hypnotherapy can help you break down the walls of this self-created prison and bask in your greatness. Your very existence, reading this is a two-hundred-million-to-one chance, so by default you are special. Feel a little better already, don’t you?

The real issue is what you want to achieve in life. Speak up in meetings at work? Attract that certain special someone by demonstrating your equal worth? Apply for that job that is a couple of grades above where you currently are? Whatever you want to achieve is within your grasp, if it’s realistic. You are your own mental block and by using NLP and hypnotherapy, you can let slip those limiting beliefs that consign you living a shadow of the life you might.

The sooner you call me now on 07917 723 728, the sooner you can set your sights higher, laugh often and get more of what you want out of life, using the power of NLP, clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy, in Kent, London and Bristol.

Mark Gosbee (18 Posts)

NLP and Clinical Hypnotist; hypnotherapist trainer; sales consultancy; focus on fearless public speaking; weight loss including hypnotic gastric band/balloon; happiness coach; anxiety, stress management and anger management; Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); addiction; obsessive habits; sports performance psychology. UK based. London, Bristol and Somerset. International motivational speaker.