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Took time to get to know my issues. Nothing like the silliness you see depicted in the movies. Powerful, focused and unique to me and my issues -that made me feel like I’d made the changes myself – very empowering for controlling my phobias and improving my self-esteem and confidence. I face the world like an explorer instead of a timid mouse. Thank-you.” N. H., London


You don’t want a Life coach or a Business coach. What? Yes, that’s right. You want a result. That’s all.

I bring life coaching fully into the 21st century, equipping you with the most modern, powerful techniques to create new attitudes and behaviours for lasting change. You can be the change you wish to see in the world.

Benefit from a raft of the best techniques to embolden your presence at work, deal effectively with office bullies and create more time in your day.

The most successful people in the world have exactly as much time as you do; it’s the most precious commodity in the world, after water and air. Your time. Value it, allocate it and discover how to enjoy more of it.

Now many people make the mistake of spending time to save money; cutting out money-off coupons; seeking out the best prices in their weekly shopping for example. They then spend hours of their weekend, caught up in the bsutle of crowds, as they visit two, three or four different supermarkets to achieve the best price.

They return home, satisfied that they’ve made best use of their time, because they’ve saved a few pounds. What they’ve actually done is charged their time out at as little as ¬£1 hour for their Saturday off. Trade money for time instead and have more time for yourself, your family and doing the things that make you happy.

Nervous about hypnosis? That’s all right. If you prefer a more ‘eyes open’ approach to addressing your problem, you can opt for my Neuro-Linguistic re-Patterning (NLrP), or traditional Neuro-Linguistic Programming coaching(NLP), enhanced with techniques derived from applied neuroscience and neuriplasticity. Experience the established application of personal self-excellence.

Whilst clinical hypnosis represents the best of the most modern treatments for major interventions, NLrP and NLP coaching allow you deal with your issue in a more direct, straightforward, less abstract manner. Both get to the heart of your problem quickly and easily and present you with a powerful solution without analysis and dragging up all the pain of the past, which your brain did a brilliant job of keeping from you for the most part.

Embarrassing issues can remain unspoken forever…

Think you’d rather die thatn air that thing that’s been holding you ack, hampering your progress and sense of wellbeing? Read on.

You benefit from rapid techniques that produce fast results, yet in a hugely personal, relevant and immensely relaxing way. My responsive coaching methods¬†are so effective, for issues you might find personally embarrassing discussing even with a professional, you can go through the process ‘content free’ – that is, you do not even have to tell me what the issue is specifically (of course, you have to know what it is) and the issue itself is never discussed; unless you feel the need to at the end of your treatment – many of my clients do, delighted they are finally rid of the power it used to hold over them and ‘name and shame’ the old belief, attitude or behaviour because they are no longer under its spell.


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Modern clinical hypnotherapy has come along in leaps and bounds since the days of the older, long-winded analytical hypnotherapy that proliferates the UK. Of course, should you wish to proceed at a slower pace, that is entirely your choice and or certain issues, may be the recommended option. When presented with the choice, most of my clients prefer to be rid sooner of what is holding them back from achieving their goals, living their lives fully and finding themselves, rather than later.

Food for thought.

You benefit from a gentle, yet powerful , together with deep relaxation over a number of sessions to deal with your problem or issue gradually, which means you can get used to living without it impacting on your life at a pace to suit you. For issues with a social dimension, such as drinking, smoking or drugs, where peer pressure or office politics often plays a role, gently acclimatising might be your preferred way of saying goodbye to your habit or addiction. And NLP Coaching is ideal for giving you control in a personally relevant, structured manner, where you are in control.

If you want rid as soon as possible, rapid clinical hypnosis would be my recommendation. All of your treatment options will be discussed with you during your complimentary, 10 minute tele-consultation, where you may ask your questions, have you concerns addressed and to decide that I am the best choice for you. Limited appointments available each week on a first come, first served basis, subject to brief tele-consultation interview. Call now on 07917 723 728 to secure yours.

Mark Gosbee (18 Posts)

NLP and Clinical Hypnotist; hypnotherapist trainer; sales consultancy; focus on fearless public speaking; weight loss including hypnotic gastric band/balloon; happiness coach; anxiety, stress management and anger management; Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); addiction; obsessive habits; sports performance psychology. UK based. London, Bristol and Somerset. International motivational speaker.