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“Previously, when I made my target weight at a well-known weight loss session, I’d rush off down the road and reward myself with fish and chips. Once I hit my target weight, I’d go into full reverse and end up heavier.

I even visited celebrity hypnotists and none helped my eating and weight issues. Mark was different. No razzmatazz. He changed my thinking about my self-image and eating behaviours. Sessions felt wonderfully relaxing, too, like I’d been on holiday.

After just 5 sessions with no dieting, I slipped into a pair of ‘ambition jeans’ purchased four years previously, that had never fitted. I no longer binge on biscuits and family members have noticed how much weight I’ve lost as a result. Only regret is the thousands squandered on starvation diets and false promises before I found him. Remarkable result.” E.A.,  aged 56, Bristol (2014)

“This guy seriously helped me with something that was very upsetting, very emotional. It was all at once holding me back and motivating me in the wrong way. In a very quick, logical and woo-free session, he helped me. If you have one of those ‘things’ you’re aware of and keep thinking you need to resolve but never get round to it, speak to Mark. He fixes people.” Sam Bell,(anonymity waived at insistence of client), aged 35, Bristol (2014)

Your questions answered – should you not find to your specific question, email me: mark@nlphypnotherapy.com and I will reply to you personally.

Q. What does hypnosis feel like?

A. You benefit from my modern hypnosis, which clients, like you, tell me feels wonderfully relaxing, like a vivid dreamscape, where change is easy and senses are enhanced. Some former clients come to see me exclusively to re-experience a favourite holiday or relaxing place, just to melt away the stresses and strains of modern life.

Q. Will I be asleep?

A. No, you required to be awake, your senses heightened and highly fixated on guiding ideas in your imagination.

Q. Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

A. Again, no. You change states many times every day and would return to full wakefulness after a short while.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, I carry full legal liability insurance for your peace of mind and my clinical hypnosis training has been accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC), which means you are assured of a high standard with my techniques and ethical behaviour. Many cheaper hypnotherapists do not offer this extra security because their training is not from a recognised, approved or accredited provider. Always insist on insurance and check who approved your hypnotherapist’s training – remember, it’s for your safely  and a better result for you.

Q. Will I be physically touched?

A. With my modern techniques, there is seldom need for physical contact and I will always seek your permission in advance if I need to touch your hand, arm or shoulder on rare occasions. If you are nervous about attending, you may always arrange for a chaperone to be present – please let me know in advance and I can arrange for an extra chair for their comfort. For children under 16, I insist a parent, guardian or responsible adult be present at all times.

Q. How have you been vetted?

A. I have been vetted to the highest available level – Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) Enhanced, now DBS checked, for my work in schools and colleges, for working with children and vulnerable adults. Always insist on this in the hypnotist, psychotherapist, counsellor or change worker you use, for your own safety and protection.

Q. Do hypnotists all do the same thing?

A. Not at all. Hypnosis is the technique for getting you into the best state for changing your thought patterns. The therapeutic interventions that follow vary widely. There are many schools of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy using slow, tired, emotionally draining and outmoded techniques, many of which were seemingly created for the benefit of the psychotherapist’s own personal development at the expense (literally) of the client.

Not here. The modern clinical hypnosis you will enjoy, focuses purely on delivering you the best result for your issue, problem or area for improvement as quickly as possible, so you can get on with your life.

Q. How come you work out cheaper than other hypnotists when you appear to charge more than some?

A. Because generally, you will require far fewer sessions with me, than older-style hypno-analysts, psychotherapists and counsellors, who may insist you need years of therapy.

Take gambling, for example – I recommend 4 sessions to deal with the addiction and craving and also the underlying stress, anger or other issue that made you develop that behaviour in the first place. Weekly sessions of older style hypno-analysis might take 20 sessions or more at 65 pounds a session, which is 1300 pounds; versus my rapid approach fee which works easily out many hundreds of pounds cheaper, not to mention quicker.

Once you’ve factored in 20 journeys plus your extra petrol, parking, time taken out of your life schedule and inconvenience, creche or babysitting fees if applicable, not to mention the cost of your addiction in the meantime, while you wait 3-6 months or more for a result.

And should you prefer counselling and psychotherapy, you might be in the online casinos or playing the fruit machines for two years or more, at £45-£90 per week per session. That’s £4,500 – £9,000 plus all those additional travel, parking, time and ongoing addiction costs. Do you consider me more expensive, now? Thought not. Given my techniques tend to improve other areas of your life in addition to the issue being treated, my clients consider me something of a bargain, relative to how great they feel.

Moreover, with my modern, rapid methods, you could be more in control of your addiction in as little as four weeks, for example. It makes good sense and great value for you, to get on living your best life, doesn’t it?

Q. If I can benefit faster from fewer sessions, what are your fees, then?

A. Scale of fees for 2018 are £250 per session for a single issue.  Most issues require more than one session, so you can benefit from block payment for your course of appointments. A package of 4, 6 or 12 sessions booked and paid upfront in full attracts a discount. Children rates i.e. under 19 are £100 per session. 1-day Gastric band hypnotherapy is £595, including follow-up session to fine-tune adjustments to the band. 1/2 day, 1- day and 2-day personal transformation programmes are £495 £895 and £1,795 respectively and will be tailored bespoke to your specific needs, wants and desires. If you have a ‘shopping list’ of things you want to change, call and we’ll work out a bespoke programme, built exclusively for you.

Q. I can’t be hypnotised. What can you possibly do for me?

A. Depends on your definition of hypnosis. And who told you? There will always be those who mistakenly think hypnosis is akin to a battle of wills – between patient and therapist. In truth the battle is within you, the client. I’ve yet to meet one. Furthermore, hypnosis can be conducted ‘eyes open’, so again, I am puzzled by those people who think they can’t be hypnotised.

If you are one of a very small number of people who is difficult to hypnotise in the duration of a treatment session, you have NLP, CBT, EMDR, EFT, TFT and a whole host of non-hypnotic methods to achieve the result you seek. Often, experience reveals that these clients have visited a poor hypnotist – one who practices relaxotherapy or meditation, because, say, they came from a yoga background, which emphasises conscious awareness – the opposite of hypnosis.

Frequently, resistance to hypnosis is created out of a fear, based on feeling under another person’s control. There is also some limited evidence that the size of the rostrum, which joins both hemispheres of the brain, determines how hypnotisable you are. I perform several tests beforehand and often during your free 10-minute chat to determine which style of hypnosis is the best therapeutic pathway for you.

Q. Do you guarantee a result?

A. I will achieve as much change for you as you will allow. Results vary between patients and my terms and conditions are that you pay for my time during the session. For legal reasons concerning advertising, I am not permitted to disclose my success rate; suffice it to say, my skills remain in demand, employed full-time and I see most new clients by referral from previous delighted patients, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

I do guarantee that I will do my utmost to get you a realistic and achievable result and I perform dedicated research before sessions, so your contact time will represent only a small portion of the hours I put in to get you the best result possible. It also explains why I see a maximum of 8 clients a week, which means you should up soon before your opportunity closes and you have to join the waiting list.

You already possess an amazing mind – let me guide you to greater success, happiness and contentment. It’s time to live the best version of your life, now. Call me on 07917 723 728 and make the appointment of a lifetime.

Mark Gosbee (18 Posts)

NLP and Clinical Hypnotist; hypnotherapist trainer; sales consultancy; focus on fearless public speaking; weight loss including hypnotic gastric band/balloon; happiness coach; anxiety, stress management and anger management; Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); addiction; obsessive habits; sports performance psychology. UK based. London, Bristol and Somerset. International motivational speaker.